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Grant Application Form


Opens 15th February 2018



Community Capacity Building Grants Application Form

Grants from $5,000-$20,000

Grants open 15th February 2019, Closes 31st March 2019

Up to $50,000 distributed annually



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To ensure that your project is charitable it is strongly recommended that you read the Grant Making Guidelines prior to completing the Grant Application Form.

Grant applications must be lodged by mail and must be received or postmarked no later than the closing date.  The completed Application together with supporting documentation should be sent to:

The Executive Officer
Stand Like Stone Foundation Ltd
PO Box 9418
Mount Gambier West  SA  5291

You are welcome to get in contact to discuss your idea prior to submitting your application and are encouraged to do so if you are unsure whether your project meets our criteria.  All successful applicants will be required to sign a Grant Agreement and upon completion of the project provide a Grant Acquittal Report on the use of the funds. For further information, contact or phone the Executive Officer on (08) 8721 0480.

If you are interested in applying for any grant with the Stand Like Stone Foundation you are encouraged to:


About OneFortyOne Community Capacity Building Grants

The OneFortyOne Community Capacity Building Grants program opens on 15th February and closes on 31st March.

The OneFortyOne Community Capacity Building Grants were first offered in February 2014, with applications being invited from around the Limestone Coast for charitable projects of $5000 and up to a maximum of $20,000 (funding may be phased over a 3 year period for larger funding applications). Up to $50,000 is available annually for distribution.

Projects must have a charitable benefit and will be assessed on their ability to grow communities and progress them towards self-sustainability.

The OneFortyOne Community Capacity Building Grants program aims to support Limestone Coast organisations to work towards developing increasingly sustainable, liveable and prosperous rural & regional communities. 

Building strong local communities - Strong local communities depend on infrastructure and services such as adequate roads, telephone, health services and transport. They also need enthusiastic and motivated people, community organisations that work well, a long term ‘vision’ for the community and a strong focus on practical action to achieve the vision

The OneFortyOne Community Capacity Building grant program seeks to support projects with a charitable benefit, that; 

1. build upon your community’s strengths, or

2. fill identifiable needs or ‘gaps’ within your community.

Through its grant making program Stand Like Stone supports charitable projects of public benefit to Limestone Coast communities.  Stand Like Stone achieves its vision of giving for lasting impact through its granting activity. A grant is a gift (usually of money) given for the common good. Grants are most commonly made to non-profit organisations and are given for a particular charitable purpose.    


What can be funded?

As Stand Like Stone is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a tax concession charity (TCC), it is required to fund projects that are charitable.  

Characteristics of charitable projects include: 

  • helping those who lack the resources to obtain what is necessary for a modest standard of living in the Australian community
  • advancement of education
  • having other purposes beneficial to the community such as public works and community facilities; promotion of industry, commerce and agriculture; defence and public order; improvement and protection of the environment; moral improvement
  • having a public benefit rather than a private benefit
  • relieving poverty, sickness or distress 


Stand Like Stone favours applications that have a public benefit and have the following characteristics:

  • one–off projects for a specific purpose,
  • demonstrate sustainability beyond the funding period, 
  • develop and strengthen communities in the Limestone Coast,
  • reduce social disadvantage in the Limestone Coast,
  • help find solutions to community problems,
  • make sure as many people as possible benefit from the project funded and
  • where possible, include a financial and / or in-kind co-contribution


What can’t be funded?

  • Operational and administration costs.
  • Previous grant recipients who have not completed their final report requirements.
  • The encouragement or advancement of sport and recreation and social and political activities are not considered charitable by the Australian Taxation Office.  Applications from sporting organisations need to benefit the wider community and should clearly indicate which other local organisations are involved.
  • Government departments and organisations are not considered charitable by the Australian Taxation Office.  Applications from government departments and organisations need to demonstrate that they are not seeking funding for activities that are the core responsibility of Government.  Applications need to demonstrate that the activity is outside of or in addition to its core purpose.
  • Projects that give donations to other organisations.
  • Projects that are capable of attracting funding from other sources.
  • Funding for projects known to be in existence or funded by other funding bodies.
  • Applications from individuals.
  • Projects that have already occurred or will occur before being advised of the outcome of the application.  At least 8 weeks after the application closing date should be allowed when planning your project.  Closing date is 31st March.

Grant Reporting Procedure

Recipients of grants are required to provide a Grant Acquittal Report within 1 month of the stated completion date of your project (as listed on your application form).

So we can share your achievements and the success of your project we really like to receive photos of your project and how you spent your grant.  Photos can be emailed to

Click here to download the Grant Acquittal Report (type in word version)

Click here to download the Grant Acquittal Report (PDF version)


Projects that have been supported

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