Stay at School Program

The Stay at School Program assists independent living students stay at school in years 11 and 12 by providing a gift of up to $500 per student.  The students use the gift to help with the costs of studying. 
87 students have been assisted and a total of $43,500 has been was distributed. 
The students are studying through the Independent Learning Centre in Mount Gambier and are aged between 16 and 24. 
In 2011 this program will also be offered to students attending the Independent Learning Centre in Naracoorte.
Many of the students are not able to live at home, they do not have stable accommodation, do not receive support from their parents and because they have not completed year 12 find it difficult to obtain work.  The aim of the program is to help these students to continue their studies and to complete year 12. 
The Stay at School Program has been supported by the FRRR and the Wyatt Benevolent Institute.  The difference the program is making to students is evident in the following comments:
“I feel happy that there are people that help me when I’m in a rough patch. I like coming to school and the money helped me get there”
“Your support has provided me with assistance with child care, which without I would have been unable to regularly attend school”
“The financial support has made a significant difference, if I had not received this support, I would have been struggling with everything”
“This program showed me that there is support for people in my situation and renewed my faith and showed me that people do care and want to help”