Memorial Donations and Bequests

Memorial Donations

When someone close to us dies, we experience grief, sadness and ultimately, an appreciation of all the memories we have of that special person. Often family and friends want to do something special to remember them and honour their memory. 
A Memorial Donation to the Stand Like Stone Foundation is a thoughtful way to remember someone, and at the same time will support charitable projects and educational scholarships in the Limestone Coast.
How Memorial Donations are processed
  • The family of the person who has died is sent a letter expressing condolences and a list of people who have given in memory of their loved one (the dollar amount is not mentioned).
  • Everyone who makes a memorial donation is sent a letter of thanks and receipt, which can be used for tax purposes, if required.  Your donation is acknowledged with a letter to the bereaved family (the dollar amount is not mentioned).
  • Donations will be added to Stand Like Stone's Memorial Sub Fund.  Annually Stand Like Stone will give grants to community projects from the Memorial Sub Fund in honour of people for whom a Memorial Donation has been given during the year.  A list of people who are being honoured will be included with the grant announcement. 
  • The person who is being honoured can be listed on Stand Like Stone's website
  • Donation forms can be sent to the Funeral Director who ensures they are available at the service.  If you wish to have Memorial Donation forms sent to a funeral home, please contact Stand Like Stone on 08 8721 0480 or email
  • Alternatively you can download a Memorial Donation Form by clicking here.
The Funeral Notice
You may choose to make a gift or ask your family and friends to make a gift in lieu of giving flowers.  To inform friends and mourners of your preference, we suggest you include this request in your loved one’s death notice using the following wording for the funeral notice:
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Stand Like Stone Foundation, PO Box 9418, Mount Gambier West, South Australia, 5291,

Donations given in memory

The following people have been remembered by their families through donations to the Stand Like Stone Foundation:
  • Mrs Lyndsay Woodruff (nee Wise)
The Woodruff and Charlton families honoured their mother by establishing the L M Woodruff Memorial Scholarship, which will provide scholarships to assist young women identifying with the Limestone Coast to undertake a nursing career at any level.  Click here to read more
  • Mr Genaro DiRito
Mr Genaro Di Rito and the DiRito family have been an important part of Stand Like Stone having been amongst our earliest supporters through the “Friends” programme.  Jimi’s interest and enthusiasm for the work of Stand Like Stone was always been much appreciated.  Donations given in memory of Mr DiRito have been added to the Stand Like Stone Memorial Sub Fund.
  • Mrs Mig Brookman 
Mig Brookman, initiated the Keith and District Hospital Future Fund, a sub fund of the Stand Like Stone Foundation.  Mig was a person of action and inspiration to her community and was highly respected.  Donations were given to the Keith and District Hospital Future Fund in memory of Mig.
To donate in memory of a family member click here to download a donation form.  Your donation will be added to Stand Like Stone's Memorial Sub Fund and will be used to give grants to charitable projects in the Limestone Coast.  If you would like to make a donation greater than $15,000 you may create a Named Donation in the name of your family member. 


After providing for loved ones in a Will, an increasing number of people are leaving a bequest to help their community.  A bequest is a gift of money, stock or property made in your Will, is exempt from capital gains tax and will be carefully managed by the Board to benefit Limestone Coast’s communities forever. 
The bequest may be recognised as a Named Donation and will keep giving back to your community or a cause that you feel passionate about.  It will also associate your name with the community you lived in and loved.
Making a bequest may be as simple as adding an additional statement to your existing Will such as:
“I bequeath $10,000 free of all duties to the Stand Like Stone Foundation for the purposes of said service, and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer, or other proper officer for the time being of the said services, shall be sufficient discharge of the same”
If you are considering making a bequest to the Stand Like Stone Foundation, we recommend you seek professional legal advice.