Donor Story

Mr Brian Page - Founding Donor and Director

 "I have given this support to the Stand Like Stone Foundation because of my commitment and strong belief that the investment principles of the Foundation are the way to go in creating a benefit to the community in perpetuity, of being able to invest in my community rather than give to it.

I was fortunate in my life to have great role models, my grandfather Bill Symons and my father Bob Page, and their wives Elsie and Val, who in their lifetimes gave much both in time and financially to the community and to many charities as I and my wife Sue now do.  They were both very good in business and I am sure they would endorse the Foundation's concept of only spending the earnings from invested capital which in time will go to many local community organisations and charities.

I encourage others to join me in supporting the Foundation.

The Stand Like Stone Foundation is a fantastic concept to help our region, make it grow, grow the human capital and take control of our own regional destiny."

Inaugural Agri-Links Chairman, Lachie Seears
"Agri-Links is delighted to be associated with the Stand Like Stone Foundation and are happy to donate money that is raised from our events as we know that the money we raise will remain in the Limestone Coast to benefit local people and their families. 
Agri-Links has decided to raise money for mental health awareness as this is an issue that is becoming more and more prevalent these days.  In light of this years season I think that the money we have raised will be very beneficial to quite a few people.
Agri-Links gives this donation to the Stand Like Stone Foundation secure in the knowledge that the original donation will never be spent; only the income from the donation is given out as grants.  Also, Agri-Links knows that the Stand Like Stone Foundation guarantees that the benefits from their donation will remain in the Limestone Coast."
L M Woodruff Memorial Donation, donor John Woodruff
"As a result of the dedication of the nurses at Boandik Lodge and the stories they told of their path to nursing I decided that I would like to establish a scholarship fund to assist young women to undertake a nursing career at any level.  
I heard stories of nurses needing to undertake extra study to qualify for entry into the nursing training and of difficulties with childcare and travel, not just of the cost of the course.  The most impressive thing to me was the caring and dedication of these people who went off duty and resumed the role of managing a household. 
I felt that by providing some form of assistance perpetually, to this group of people would be a fitting way to honour my mother's life".