Desiree Lobley Walk

Desiree is 73 years old and is going to walk from Penola to Mt Gambier, leaving Penola on Thursday, 25th April from the Penola IGA.

She is allowing a week to do this, however she is hoping that she will be able to complete it in 5 days. Walking approx 10km/day, 5 km in morning and 5km in afternoon, Desiree will have her family as her 'support crew’ and is calling upon the generosity of the local community to support her in her efforts. Desiree is looking to source donations from the public with SLSF as the charity of her choice!

Desiree is doing this for two main reasons, firstly, to raise money for a worthy charity and secondly, for herself!!  She has had health issues in the past where she was facing the rest of her days using walking aides. She managed to get on top of her health issues and is now feeling fit, healthy and 'on top of the world’ and wants to give something back to her local community.

Thank you to those who have already supported Desiree, inlcuding The Pines Hotel, Tarpeena, who have offered a comfy bed on route!

Please donate towards the incredible efforts of this courageous and generous woman - thank you Desiree!